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A javascript library for Ancient World Linked Data.

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Awld.js is a javascript library for Ancient World Linked Data. When installed on an existing web page, it will add functionality and visual elements based on links to stable URIs relevant to the study of the Ancient World. View the source of this page for the two 'script' elements you can add to your pages to get it working.

Awld.js in Action

There is a test page.

Click-through on any of these links to see awld.js installed on third-party sites.

Recognized URIs

Hovering over any of the links below will show a "popup" with information drawn from the linked web page.

Articles in Wikipedia:
Entries in the database of the Portable Antiquities Scheme:
Entries in the Encyclopedia of Life:
Historical people defined by the Perseus Digital Library:
Identifiers for numismatic concepts from,
Library of Congress Catalog records:
Place entries in the Geonames gazetteer:
Place entries in the Pleiades gazetteer:
Records in the catalog of the American Numismatic Society:
Records in the catalog of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin:
Records in the catalog of the Système Universitaire de Documentation:
Records in the German Archaeological Institute's Arachne database:
Records in the OpenContext archaeological database:
Records in the system:
Texts held in the Perseus Digital Library:
Textual records in
Yale University Art Gallery Ecatalogue:

Awld.js is a project of the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at New York University overseen by Sebastian Heath. It is licensed under the BSD License; see LICENSE.txt for more infomation.